Legendary Pakistani player Azam Khan lost to Coroner.


Legendary Pakistani squash player Azam Khan lost his life due to the Corona virus. Azam Khan breathed his last at a private hospital in London. Last week, he was admitted to the Ealing Hospital in London with the sudden onset of Azam Khan's breathing, where tests revealed that he was coroner-positive in Azam Khan's body. Then Azam Khan fought Corona for several days to survive but in the end 95-year-old Azam Khan could not win the fight. News of his death has been confirmed by Azam Khan's family.

Azam Khan, who is the brother of Hashim Khan, another squash player in Pakistan, won the British Open four times from 1959 to 1962. Azam Khan was not only known to Pakistan but he was known to the whole world from squash. But at the end of his career, he suffered bruises and injuries repeatedly. That is why he has to declare his retirement long before the appointed time. He could not cope with the shock that his 14-year-old son died suddenly. Which had an impact on the carrier.

Azam Khan has been living in Britain for several years. On the other hand, after China, the United States, Britain and Italy in three countries have taken a terrible shape. And this Corona virus killed this Pakistani squash player.

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