'Let those who want to die' die, Rangoli's plea to Modi in the labor issue


Banglahunt Desk: The controversy with the name rangoli chandel has become almost overtly entrenched. Rangoli's almost daily routine of expressing his views on every issue and attacking other stars in sharp language. Every time he has engaged in controversy or has started to say good debate.

The lockdown situation that has been rampant across the country has been plagued by an incident recently. On the morning of the first lockdown of April 5, Bandra assembled in a queue at the West Bus Station. They are all migrant workers in the state of Vin. Without demanding social dispensing, everyone demanded that they return home to their own state.

A different tone was heard in the face of the workers, who were giving their sympathy to the incident. In a tweet message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he appealed, let those who want to die, die.
Sharing a video footage of the incident, Rangoli wrote, “My appeal to Modiji does not prevent those who want to die. But please prevent them from spreading the virus to other states. “


This tweet of Rangoli is virtually divided into two categories. Rangoli is supported in part. According to them, what he says has ample reasoning. Again the other part appealed to Rangoli to be a little human.

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