‘Lijjat’ is a movie being made on paper, find out the inspirational story of this company


Renowned Bollywood director Ashutosh Gowarikar is going to make a movie on the famous lijjat papad. Why do movies have so many issues? The reason is the rare fame of this organization. Inspired by Lijjat Women Entrepreneurs, one of the best brands in India, starting with a small investment in a few women's initiatives. Ashutosh is bringing him to the screen

From the beginning to the end of Lijjat Papar, it is completely women-centric The company has been formed relying only on women. At present, various centers of the company have been set up in Bhalod, Golan, Buhari and Bhatkana villages.

Ashutosh has recently focused on making a Bollywood movie called 'Karram Kurram'. The film begins in 1959. Where 6 Gujarati women started the business with a loan of only 60 rupees. Today, the business of 70 rupees has reached a turnover of several crores of rupees.

The company has grown so much that the company of 6 women is providing bread to 45,000 women today. Today, Lijjat has reached almost every house in the country. Lijjat is now a brand that has become so popular.

Ashutosh is bringing to the screen the success story of this organization created by the independent efforts of women. The film is being produced by Sunita Gaikwar. Directed by Ashutosh Gaikwar and Glenn Bernetto. Kiara Advani is starring in this film based on Lijjat Papar, one of the leading brands in India, starting from a hut.