Like Hanuman's baby, climbing down a tree in a hurry, video goes viral on social media

viral video: In the violence of little boys, many of us call them Hanuman. But in the viral video, the way a child is sitting on a tree, there is no way to tell him anything other than Hanuman's baby. And Netdunia is shocked to see this small achievement.

In the viral video, one child is seen on the branch of a tall tree. At the age of the child, he is not supposed to learn to walk properly, but at this age he is sitting on a tree branch. The child in the blue dress who was doing the video was asked to come down. Surprising everyone, the child came down just like the professionals.

Probably the video is from a village in Bangladesh. That's what it feels like to hear the language of the person doing the video. The video says the baby's name is Al Amin. The video was posted from a verified account named Sanjay Mukherjee. At the time of sharing, it was written in the caption that he could not even walk at his age.

This video went viral after being posted on social media. Already more than 20,000 netizens have seen the fame of this one and only boy. But everyone is joking about him. Again someone said, it is all possible here in Bangladesh.