Lily Chakraborty with corona, veteran actress in isolation at home without symptoms

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona has been attacked by veteran actress Lily Chakraborty. When he had a sudden fever while shooting, he had it checked. The test report comes back positive. However, the veteran actress said that Corona has no symptoms. He is in isolation in his own house.

Lily Chakraborty said she had a sudden fever on Saturday morning. Body temperature 101 Become Goes. After that he did the corona test as advised by everyone in the family. The test report is positive. However, the actress said that she has no symptoms.

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Isolation at home as advised by the doctor. Taking medication on time. Lily Chakraborty said that there is no fever anymore. Talks with the nursing home have been held at an early stage, he said. However, the actress thinks that this situation will not happen.

Incidentally, Lily Chakraborty entered the film world in 1958 as an actress. ‘Vanu Pello Lottery’ is his first film. He has acted in films like Deva Neva, Jana Aranadhya, Dui Purush, Kalankini Kankavati. Lily Chakraborty has also been seen in a few Hindi films.

Even at the age of 69, Lily Chakraborty continues to act fluently. He has acted in 'Posto', 'Sanjhbati', 'Bibah Diaries', 'Rajkahini' with the late Soumitra Chatterjee At the moment, Lily Chakraborty is shooting for 'Vriddhashram 2'.