Lionel Messi described the relentless efforts of health workers to fight Corona.


Right now, the corona virus is in dire shape around the world. Doctors, nurses and health workers have taken responsibility to protect the common people from the corona epidemic. Health workers are awake day and night to serve the common people. Health workers are also being attacked in America, Britain, Italy for treating common people, due to the corona virus. Yet they are reluctant to give up, relying on their relentless efforts to save their lives. In this situation, Argentine footballer Lionel Messi delivered a special message aimed at boosting the morale of doctors, nurses and health workers.

Honestly respecting and respecting the health workers, Lionel Messi says he would like to thank all those health workers who have left their families, relatives, spouses, children and children who have been employed in our service and continue to serve us constantly in this dire situation. We can heal and fight against Corona as they continue this effort today.

Lionel Messi has already provided financial help to deal with Corona. He financed one million euros in a hospital in Barcelona and evenly distributed in a health center in Argentina. This time he honored and respected doctors, nurses and health workers.

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