Lions are walking on the road, the viral video is from Delhi


BanglaHunt Desk: A group of net people believe that a lion is roaming the public streets of Delhi. A video of a group of lions and their cubs walking along the road has gone viral on social media. Where it is claimed that the video was recorded in Dhaula Kuana near their Delhi cantonment.

A large part of the world is under house arrest because of Corona. Pictures spread on various social media outlets show that nature is smiling as a result of being under house arrest. Shy wild animals like dolphins and deer are roaming freely following the natural rules of nature.

It is learned that Pipavav road in Rajula town of Amreli district of Gujarat, not Delhi. No doubt, there are considerable similarities between the two regions. Some social media users have also claimed that the tall structure seen in the background is an idol of Shiva. However, according to Khokar, it is a Rajula cement factory.

Dushayant Bhaswad, chief forest conservator (wildlife) of Junagadh, also said that the viral video was not from Delhi, but probably from Rajula. Ishwar Singh, chief conservator of the Delhi Forest Department, said that since there was no forest corridor from Gir to Delhi, it was impossible for the lions to travel all the way from Gujarat to the capital.

Lions roam the streets near the Gir forest. Occasionally it comes up through social media and news. This video is also known to be from that region