Listen Babu, you remain a virgin this year too! Patwari could not become so the pain of the person spilled


सुनो बाबू, इस साल भी रह लेना तुम कुंवारी! नहीं बन पाया पटवारी तो छलका शख्स का दर्द

Funny Video: In today’s time, unemployment has increased so much that thousands of people have started applying even for a job, and if it is a government job, then people work hard to get it, but still they are disappointed. It just fits. This video is also related to this.

Patwari could not become so the pain of the person spilled

Funny video: around the world today Unemployment is increasing. Despite being educated, people do not have jobs and even if they are, they are not of their choice. Somewhere you don’t get quality work, somewhere you don’t get good salary. Apart from this, the biggest danger in private jobs is to be fired anytime. This is the reason that more attention of youth is on government jobs, be it peon or Patwari Why not have a job. However, these days the youth are also not getting this job quickly. In such a situation, even if the troubled youth do, what should they do? Now a days related to this on social media video viral Happening, which is very funny.

Actually, a person is standing on the road with a board in his hands. In that board it is written in a funny way, ‘Listen Babu, even this year you remain a virgin, because your Patwari was limited to 110’. Actually cutoff has become most important for government jobs. Whoever gets more numbers, his job gets confirmed. Now the competition has become so high that even in the exam of 200 marks candidates are getting 170-180 marks. In such a situation, how will the candidates with 110 marks get a job. Just because of this cutoff, the pain of the person seen in the video spilled over and he also emerged on the board, about which the whole world has now come to know.

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This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an ID named rewa_satna_sidhi, which has been viewed more than 12 thousand times so far, while hundreds of people have also liked the video and various funny reactions. are also given.

One user has written in the comment that ‘Hey Babu, let the 110 person stay, don’t stay virgin, look at me 157 have come, I will probably become a Patwari’, then another user has written, ‘Tell me who is his. Baboo’.

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