Literary Buddhadev Guha mourned the death of Chuni Goswami.


Although Chuni Goswami had most of his success in football, he played cricket with great skill. And that's why the cricketer Chuni Goswami was known as the literary Buddhadev Guha. Chuni Goswami made his cricketing debut in school cricket under the captaincy of the literary Buddhadev Guhar.

Literary Buddhadev Guha was the captain of the cricket team of Tirthapati Institution in 1945. Moments before a match, a cricketer suddenly fell short in his cricket team. That's why he took Chuni Goswami to the team at that time. At that time, Chuni Goswami was originally named as a footballer, so the other members were surprised to get him in the team. But in that first match, he put the shelf. Apart from scoring 42 runs with the bat, Chuni Goswami also had a great performance with the ball. He took four wickets with the ball.

And that is why the literary Buddhadev Guha has mourned the death of Chuni Goswami along with the whole of India. According to Buddhadev Guha, Chuni Goswami was two years younger than me but we were like friends. He used to see great skills in cricket and football. I didn't believe in spin but rubbish spin took four wickets and convinced me that spin bowling could win the match. Chuni Goswami has made Tirthapati Institution champion in cricket and football, so Tirthapati Institution has also expressed grief over his death.