Little squirrel pulling a peacock's feather, funny video of two wild animals on viral social media

BanglaHunt Desk: Thanks to having a mobile in hand and the wealth of social media, we can watch all kinds of funny viral videos sitting at home. Sometimes I get temporary pleasure from watching that video, and sometimes many people keep it carefully in their memory. Share among your relatives. Similarly, this old video has gone viral again on social media.

There is always a grudge among the wild animals. Their sweet naughtiness is often seen by people with wide eyes, and sometimes it is captured on camera. Not only is the camera captive, many times many people share it on social media and share it with their loved ones.

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That's how a video of a peacock and a squirrel squirming went viral on social media. Several peacocks were playing among themselves in one of the tourist places. Suddenly a squirrel came from nowhere and joined them.

The squirrel suddenly grabbed a peacock's feathers and started pulling. The peacock also fell into misery by grabbing the peacock's feathers as a trick. On the one hand he is suffering, and on the other hand the woodpecker Babaji is joking. The peacock does not give up. To save himself, he fluttered his feathers, and the squirrel flew away. This funny video of the peacock squirrel sniffing was captured by a tourist camera and he shared the video on social media. Which later went viral.