Lockdown across the country, some kind people have stood by the helpless animals


BanglaHunt Desk: In the Corona situation, there are many people in India who have helped the endangered people and helpless animals in every possible way. This time is very dangerous for helpless animals besides poor and needy people. People are housebound so these animals and birds are not getting food in this condition.

Praveen Kumar of Bangalore feeds about one and a half hundred animals every day. Rajendra Singh of Indore takes care of the animals roaming in his society. On the other hand, the Orissa Chief Minister has donated Rs 54 lakh to five municipal corporations and 48 municipalities out of the relief fund to provide food to helpless animals during the lockdown. Veteran, who lives in Bangalore, runs an organization called Wave Save Animals. And in the lock-down situation, he is taking care of the helpless animals on the street.

In addition to taking care of all the animals in the shelter, he is also feeding the needy animals outside. The elders feed one hundred to one hundred and fifty animals on their way to the shelter every day. He has to spend around 3-4 thousand rupees every day for this food. In which biscuits, vegetables and fruits are all kept. From JP Nagar to Konakpura, he occasionally arranges for the feeding of destitute animals, including dogs, cats and cows. He appealed to many people for help as he could not find food in the lock-down and also gave his phone number. For the past several years, an NGO called Rescue in Pune has been involved in rescuing destitute animals.

On the other hand, Rajendra Singh, a resident of Indore, started by feeding some animals from outside the society. He has appealed to the people to keep water and grain for the birds on the roof of the house. He also posted on social media to help the animals and as a result he has received a lot of help from people like Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara. He has joined the New World Animal Rescue Organization, where many people work together to feed poor animals.