Lockdown again disobeys Tikiapara! Thousands of people gathered! The video went viral on social media


Bengali Hunt Desk: Breaking the lockdown, thousands of people joined the peace procession in Tikiapara. People in the area recently attacked the police who were going to carry out a lockdown on Belilias Road in Tikiapara. Several policemen were injured in the incident. Several people were arrested after the administration took strict action. The young man was arrested yesterday after kicking the police in the back.

And today the Tikiapara police outpost organized a peace procession in that area. This peace procession started from Howrah Maidan. Thousands of people were seen breaking the lockdown and joining the procession. Thirteen people were arrested in the area after police and RAF were beaten on Bellilias Road. Bellilias Road was sealed. The peace procession was organized by the police today to win the confidence of the people of the area. But in the presence of the police, everyone uprooted the lockdown system.

People from the area including police, RAF civic volunteers also joined today's peace procession. This peace procession was carried out with about a thousand people. Let me tell you, Howrah is one of the red zone areas of the state. And the question arose after so many people gathered there.

Everyone is now throwing questions at the police, who did so much to enforce the lockdown, who finally broke the lockdown? According to the police, the people spontaneously joined the procession realizing their mistake. No one was called. But we could not have guessed that so many people would gather.