Lockdown: Boy leaves Patna for Nepal on old mother's bicycle


BanglaHunt Desk: In the middle of the lockdown, a young man left Patna for Nepal. He is aiming for home by putting his mother on the back of the bicycle. Due to the lockdown, Sher Singh decided to return home with his mother on a bicycle.

Lockdown due to Corona virus (COVID-19) has been issued all over the country. Traffic is light at this time. Meanwhile, Sher Singh and his 70-year-old mother got stuck in Patna for work. They could not reach their wives and children at home in Nepal. So they decided to return home by bicycle. Work as you think. Sitting on a crate of fruit, the old mother put Yashoda on a bicycle and went out to return home.

He did not give up even though he was tired of pedaling his bicycle with fatigue on his face. As they passed by the Mirzamura market about 25 km before Varanasi, they came across relief workers. Undaunted, he told them that he was a young Nepali, Sher Singh. After getting stuck in this lockdown, he wants to return home on his bicycle with his old mother.

He wants to go to Nepal through Benares, Pratapgarh, Ganda, Bahraich as he has sealed the Nepal border with Bihar.
Sher Singh said he was determined to return home on a bicycle as he could not find a way. Despite the lockdown, he could not resist his mother's desire to go to his village. Sher Singh said, ‘The wife and children are in Nepal. So I'll be with them for a few days, I'll be back as soon as the lockdown is over. The store is closed on lockdown. I didn't have tea. ' Relief distributors help them with food and water. And respecting his wishes, he helped them return home.