Lockdown Coronavirus not treated, virus will come back soon after closure: Rahul Gandhi


Bangla Hunt Desk: Coronavirus infection is increasing in India and the number of patients is constantly increasing. Rahul Gandhi, a Congress leader and Lok Sabha MP, held a press conference on the issue today. And at this press conference, he raised the issue of Corona Testing. Rahul Gandhi said the lockdown is just like a pause button. He said the virus would attack again if the lockdown was terminated.

Rahul Gandhi said, “In the past two months, I have talked to many experts. Lockdown is just like the pause button, it is not a solution to this crisis. When people come out after a lockdown, the virus will start attacking again. The lockdown will just let you adjust.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said, “I do not want to be criticized. I want the country to unite and fight against it. The fight against Corona should be carried out at the state and district level. Rahul Gandhi, with Kerala's example, said that the Grassroots level worked out perfectly. Rahul Gandhi said the fight would go from low to high. I inform the Prime Minister that he should fund the states properly.

He said he needed to increase the number of tests to beat Corona. And you have to fight against the virus. Rahul Gandhi said the government should create a strategy for testing. Extending the testing will not keep an eye on a coroner.

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