Lockdown: Farewell to the bride in a police jeep with 4 bridegrooms


BanglaHunt Desk: In the panic of the country's Corona (COVID-19), a video of the bride's farewell went viral. One of the most important issues of marriage, viral is the video of the farewell of the bride. It is seen that the police are present after the groom bids farewell to the bride. And then what, the police said goodbye to the bride in a jeep.

Corona is running lockdown in the country for panic. All social activities are closed. But now that Boishakh month. And now is the wedding season. Many wedding dates have been fixed long ago. But because of this epidemic everything is off now. Shopping is not going to be done. Many wedding dates are being postponed. But in the meantime, many are getting married in a short time and at low cost.

Recently, a bride's farewell video has gone viral on Netdunia. Where the groom is seen getting into the police van after saying goodbye to the bride. In other words, the bride's farewell rules are followed in the police van. As soon as the video of this incident in Delhi was released on the net, it went viral.

In the panic of Corona, the newlyweds got married only by following the rules. Only a few people from the two houses were present. But the marriage, the bride will say goodbye? So the new couple got into the police car after wearing a face mask while maintaining social distance. They broke the rules of the bride's farewell in the police car. And as soon as the video of this incident was released on Netdunia, it went viral.