Lockdown has succeeded in Jammu and Kashmir, so the administration wants to extend the deadline


BanglaHunt Desk: Indian troops have also begun to introduce humanity to 'Operation Namaste' to counter the Corona Virus (COVID-19). The army has also made a night and day to confront this invisible enemy of the country. In Jammu and Kashmir, troops are helping to provide food supplies to distressed citizens. During the lockdown issued to prevent Corona, so that no human food is in trouble, they are delivering food grains.

Jawans have delivered food items in one area of ​​Batagram. Among the workers who were trapped there, the jawans helped them with food and rations. Through 'Operation Namaste', the country's troops are assisting poor people in various areas and the needy workers with the necessary supplies for those who are being trapped.

“We have been stuck here since the lockdown,” said a trapped worker with the help of soldiers. And since then we have been in crisis. In this situation, army jawans have come to our side. They are helping us with ration during this crisis. '

The number of people infected with the Corona virus in Jammu and Kashmir is increasing. Already in Kashmir, more than 20 people have been infected with the Corona virus. They are also being treated quickly. In this situation, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has requested to extend the lockdown there. On Saturday, 3 new Corona virus were infected.

In Srinagar, no coroner has been reported for six months due to the lockdown issued. That's why the administration said the lockdown is reducing the number of coronas in the area. So lockdown period should be extended. Besides, no one has been affected so far as a result of the lockdown after 3 coroners were attacked in Ladakh. So they are demanding the government to extend the lockdown deadline.

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