Lockdown: India may have infected 1.2 million people by April 1: report


The Union Health Ministry said in its daily press briefing that at least 20 people have died due to the coroner virus in the country. So far, 212 people have returned home. And it has been said that if the lock down is not done, the death toll in the country may increase. And that figure will reach the target of 6.2 in the Corona country by April. Of these, the number of patients infected with coronary virus in Maharashtra has increased.

Meanwhile, the number of victims is increasing daily. At the same time, in the last 24 hours in Mumbai, 22 new coroners have been found. Meanwhile, Punjab, Orissa and Rajasthan have taken this decision.
There are currently 5 quid dedicated hospitals in India.

It has also been reported that more than one lakh isolated beds and 9,8 ICU beds have been prepared so far. Delhi government has begun the process of providing 1 rupees support for auto rickshaws, taxis, rural services, fast service, maxi cabs, eco-friendly services, e-rickshaws and school cab drivers.

The Health Ministry also said that even with a few limited steps to replace the lockdown, the number of people affected in India could have exceeded 2 lakh. The central government has also said that suggestions for increasing the lockdown are being considered by the chief ministers of different states. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken stern action against the Corona virus. He has locked down the service for normal and control over the next 28 days.

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