Lockdown is also shooting! Serious charges against Sonakshi


BanglaHunt Desk: Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha continues to shoot the film without lockdown. Vivek agnihotri director Vivek Agnihotri recently made such a complaint. And then the actress is blown away. Sonakshi confirmed that he was not at home, following the lockdown.

Vivek recently shared a picture of Sonakshi on his Twitter handle. The picture is of a newspaper. There, it appears that Sonakshi is coming forward to speak on the phone. Posting the film, the director writes, 'Who is shooting at this time?' And then the actress has come down. Tagging the Mumbai police, he asked how to prevent people from spreading fake news at this time.

In fact, the newspaper where the image of Sonakshi was printed was written, 'Sonakshi in a classic freeze frame'. The conscience has completely ignored this text. Taking a look at it, the actress wrote, 'Being a well-known director and member of various unions, you can expect to know about it first and foremost. Since all the studios are closed and it's a lockdown across the country, no one is shooting. The classic fridge frame means I know old pictures. '

Sonakshi's fans are also very angry at the conscience. Of course, the manager said he did not say anything to Sonakshi. In fact, he blamed the media.

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