Lockdown is not obeying, this star is partying at home by showing thumb to the administration


BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Anita Raj is not following the lockdown. He is partying at home with his friends after breaking the rules. Recently, such allegations were made against this popular Bollywood actress. During the lockdown, he is having a big party by inviting his friends to his house.

Anita Raj is a well known face on television. According to media reports, he invited his friends to his house in the middle of the lockdown. Then the party was held at his house. The matter comes to the notice of the security guard of the residence. He called the local police station and lodged a complaint against the actress.

After receiving a complaint from the security guard, the police called the actress back and interrogated her. Administrative officials also appeared at his residence. But Anita denies this allegation completely. He told Saf that the security guard had lied.

The actress claims her husband is a doctor. A friend of her husband came to her house to seek treatment for his ailing wife. They could not agree for the sake of humanity. Her husband treated the sick wife of that friend.

This incident was misunderstood by the security guards. And for that reason, the actress claimed that she called the police and gave wrong information.