Lockdown on the ground, so the newlyweds got married in the sky, viral video


Bengali Hunt Desk: Marriage is a moment in the life of any person that they want to keep forever memorable. Even on the seabed to make the wedding moment memorable, the bride and groom have been seen getting married. Not only that, one of the wedding ceremonies of the actors and actresses made a lot of noise on social media. However, Kovid and Lockdown have become major obstacles in this work. Due to the fear of corona virus, only 50 people can attend such events as per government guidelines. This rule applies to any social event, not just a happy marriage. But this time a bride from Tamil Nadu was seen breaking this rule in a fancy way.

The lockdown is now on the ground. And the government is not approving more than 50 guests there. But in the case of Akash, the government has not imposed any obstacle yet. And that’s why this time Rakesh and Dakshina from Tamil Nadu got married in the sky. According to sources, they are residents of Madurai area of ​​Tamil Nadu.

They were supposed to be married for a long time. But sometimes lockdown comes and creates obstacles. On the other hand, the guests also want to be present at the wedding. And that’s why they rent a plane on their wedding day to keep the balance between the two. There were 161 guests on the two-hour charter plane. The wedding ceremony of Rakesh and Dakshina was completed with pomp and circumstance in the sky.

The incident spread among all when the newlyweds posted a video on social media to commemorate the wedding. As seen in the video, Rakesh is wearing Mangalsutra around Dakshina’s neck. The guests present at the event were naturally overwhelmed. The video has already gone viral on social media. Thousands of people watched. No matter how fancy the marriage of Dakshina and Rakesh is, Corona’s fear remains. And that is why the DGCAO is investigating the matter. The airlines have said that strict action will be taken against those who do not observe social distance. After the wedding, the guests returned to Madurai from Bangalore on a SpiceJet flight. Now everyone must be looking at the direction in which the incident will take place in the coming days. However, there is no doubt that this idea is very fancy.