Lockdown: PM Modi sent message to shopkeepers, tweeting


Banglahunt Desk: In the Corona crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked small businessmen and shopkeepers. He thanked them for the way they were dealing with the risks of their lives during this crisis. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a tweet on Sunday and thanked the entrepreneurs.

The first round of lockdown was issued in India to prevent the spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19). Even before that deadline, the Prime Minister extended the lockdown deadline again on 3rd May, before the 3rd of April. At this time the countrymen are asked to maintain social distance. And forbidden to go out without an urgent need. But what will happen to the citizens if small businessmen and shopkeepers can't provide emergency services to the citizens during this crisis? The government started thinking about this.

However, all these businessmen were out on the streets cautiously taking the risk of their lives, freeing the government. Keeping in store the treasures of the citizens. In order to provide the urgent needs of the citizens in any need.

The Prime Minister himself thanked the small business owners this time. He tweeted, “Small shopkeepers have made a significant contribution to maintaining full social distance. In this crisis, society and country will always remember their contribution. We also need to make sure that all shops will follow social distance in the future. I congratulate all the shopkeepers and traders for this contribution during the crisis. The Corona virus does not discriminate on any race, religion, caste, community, language, is attacking everyone. So everyone has to fight in this situation. '

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