Lockdown reduces distance: From Siliguri to Kanchenjunga, from Roorkee to Gangotri


BanglaHunt Desk: Lockdown is going on across the country due to the killing virus Corona. Almost all factories are closed. As a result, environmental pollution is being reduced. A few kilometers away can be seen from Siliguri to Kanchenjunga, Roorkee to Gangotri.

After Jalandhar and Saharpur, Kanchan Uru can now be seen clearly from Siliguri. Not only this, the snow-capped Himalayan mountains are also visible from Roorkee. Due to the lockdown, there is no air pollution. So it has become so clear that the Himalayan mountains of ice can be seen. People can't believe their eyes. Due to the low level of pollution, beautiful views of nature are being published all over the world. In India, earlier the peaks of the Himalayas could be seen from Saharanpur.
Then Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world, was seen from Siliguri. Now the mountains of the Gangotri Range in the Himalayas are visible from Roorkee.

The distance from Ganges to Gangotri is at least 312 km. Nevertheless, the beautiful hills of Gangotri were seen when the sky was clear and air pollution was reduced. Due to the reduction in air pollution, the snow peaks of the Himalayas began to be seen from Roorkee. Roorkee's dusty range has begun to appear. Photos and videos about this are going viral on social media.

Lockdowns continue across the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Because of this there has been a massive reduction in pollution levels in the world, positive results are now visible in nature. Earlier, when the mountains of Saharanpur Dhauldhar Range were seen, then IFS officer Praveen Kaswan wrote in a tweet that it is very difficult to see when you start seeing ice peaks from Saharanpur. The distance from Saharanpur to this Himalayan mountain is 150-200 kilometers.

Usually the Himalayan peaks of cities like Saharanpur or Rurki are visible only when the sky is clear after rain. But now the vehicles are not moving due to the lockdown. Air pollution does not occur when factories close. So the Himalayas can be seen from a distance of hundreds of kilometers.

Apart from Saharanpur, the people of Siliguri in West Bengal have clearly seen the world's third highest mountain in Sikkim. It is the third highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga. The distance from Siliguri to Kanchenjunga is about 112 km. It is not visible on ordinary days. But lockdown has reduced pollution. Due to which the peak of Kanchenjunga began to appear.