Lockdown's wife could not come to her husband, and in that anger she married again


BanglaHunt Desk: The government is trying to stop the corona virus virus in the country. Lockdown is happening all over the country. Repeatedly, everyone has been asked to stay at home. However, there are some who are trying to break the social net by doing voluntary work in this lockdown. One is from Bihar. The wife was unable to move from her home to her husband for the lockdown. That is why the husband married again elsewhere.

The incident took place at Dulhin Bazar police station in Patna district. Bharatpur resident Dhiraj Kumar got married a few years ago in the Purani area of ​​Karpi thana area. Dhirraj's wife went to his mother's house a few days ago for some work. A lockdown was announced at this time, which prevented him from returning to Bharatpur. Meanwhile Dheeraj tells his wife to come back. After returning, the husband remarried. Due to the lockdown, Dheeraj's wife was unable to return from her husband's call. Enraged by this, Dhirraj Kumar decided on a second marriage. He remarried to his girlfriend in Raghunathpur area of ​​Khirimor police station. Dhirraj's first wife learned of the matter and immediately filed a complaint with Dulahan Bazar police station.

The first wife filed a case with the Dulhinbazar police station after allegations of dowry harassment and second marriage to her husband and father-in-law after receiving news of her husband's second marriage. Police have called husband Dhiraj Kumar for questioning over the woman's complaint. Police arrested Dhiraj on Thursday.

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