Locked at the gate of the hospital, about 69 corona patients are wandering outside,


Several Corona victims were brought to Uttar Pradesh by a bus from Agra on Thursday morning. The 69 were brought from Agra in Uttar Pradesh to Kovid Hospital of the Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences in Saifai, Etawah district. After bringing them there, it took a long time to get them inside the hospital.

After a long bus journey from Agra, everyone got so tired that many started sitting on the road to rest. Many of them did not wear masks or gloves. So everyone started to rest on the street even though they were not safe. Meanwhile, some others go to the store to get hungry and start eating snacks. This video from Uttar Pradesh has already gone viral.

And many are terrified after watching that video. Because many of the corona victims only wore masks. They were seen reading nothing but masks. On the other hand, there were the police, but there were two policemen among the victims, who, like the others, were not affected patients.

After reading many of these incidents, the office in-charge came and took them inside. And if you had known before, this would not have happened. They could not prepare because they said no. Even though they didn't have time, the victims did not turn around. It has spread more viruses. However, the hospital authorities have removed this responsibility. They made it clear that this problem was due to not informing in advance.