Locked down to buy alcohol in secret? Rakul opened his mouth with the leaked video


Banglahunt Desk: Actress Rakul Preet Singh has got a lot of recognition in Bollywood so far. Although he worked in southern films at first, now he is also seen acting in Bollywood films. With that wealth, his fan following is also increasing by leaps and bounds.
Apart from acting, Rakul is also quite popular on social media. The number of his followers on Instagram has reached 12.6 million. He knows very well why it will not happen or why he sometimes posts various pictures and videos to win the hearts of the fans.

The third round of lockdown against Corona has been extended till May 18. Most shops, schools and colleges are closed. In this situation, everyone is under house arrest. Rakul is no exception. So now he is spending his time sitting at home doing various things.

However, recently a video has started to raise the question of whether the actress is following the rules of lockdown at all. A video has gone viral on social media showing Rakul returning home after buying some items from a shop. However, it was not understood what was in his hand.

Rakul is also seen to be quite annoyed by the paparazzi being captured on camera. Netdunia has been fighting over this video. Some say he went out to buy liquor after opening a liquor store in Lockdown. Finally, Rakul Preet Singh replied to this allegation. In a very light tone, he countered that he did not know that alcohol was now available in drug stores. Many applauded Rakul for his cold-witted answer without getting angry.

Incidentally, a few days ago, Rakul challenged the t-shirt according to the trend. He completed the challenge in just a few seconds after wearing a Divya T-shirt. The actress shared this video on her Insta handle. The video went viral. Then Rakul shared a picture of yoga practice. In the picture, he is seen floating in the air with a long cloth wrapped around his body. They head up and feet down. The actress has been captured on camera in this position.