Lockedown could not come to the family of the deceased;


Corona police say his body was buried in the sudden death of the owner of the tea shop in dire circumstances. In fact, the deceased elder runs a tea shop near Nigohi police station for the last few years. The deceased was a resident of Plywit.

He died Thursday evening after being ill for the last few days. Due to the lockdown, his family refused to come here. After which the police decided to conduct his funeral.

Now the Novel Corona Virus Terror is chasing everyone in terror day and night. The Corona virus, which has spread from China, has already reached death on earth. Almost all countries are now spending their days in terror. There is no way of knowing what is going on day to day and night to day. Because everyone is now home detained to escape danger.

And police are now spending more time outside the home to handle this situation. And the humanity of the police was once more exposed. The Corona virus is getting stronger. And the number of coronas infected is jumping. And in Vero, at present, the number of victims is more than 120.

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