Lockheed police arrest 5, including a radical, for throwing stones at police


Three men, including a Muslim cleric (Maulvi), were arrested on Thursday for allegedly assaulting police personnel in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Earlier, the Indian people were enraged at the Nizamuddin mosque in Delhi.

In it, one of the events of the Muslims is repeatedly increasing the anger of the people. Uttar Pradesh police have registered an FIR against 20 people involved in attacks on public meetings during a nationwide lockdown. On this day, mad people threw stones at the police. There was unrest between the two parties as the police stopped them.

When the police forbade them to perform group prayers at a mosque, a section of Muslims became very angry. On that day, around 20 to 5 people came to the mosque in Sarai Rahman to deny the lockdown nationwide. The mosque was in the Banadevi police station area of ​​the city and after the news of the gathering, the police came and then the unrest began. The police stopped them.

And they threw stones. Now in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, Muslim people gathered in the mosque to perform mass prayers. There was also a clash between the two groups over the issue. Earlier, while the police were patrolling in the village of Morna, they saw the locals crowding outside and asked to return. When they were asked to follow the ban, they reportedly started hitting the police with stones.

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