Look at the picture… Rahul Gandhi's Save the Farmers rally is just a tractor, there is no one to listen to the speech!


Bangla Hunt Desk: Former Congress president and MP Rahul Gandhi is currently on a three-day visit to Punjab due to the “Save the Farm” movement to raise the voice of farmers. Thousands of tractors have been set up on the roads by the Congress to make Rahul Gandhi's campaign a success. However, people are not coming to the meeting to listen to the speeches of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress leaders.

A number of tractors were seen at a rally in Sangrur district of Punjab on Monday, but only a handful of people went to the meeting to listen to Rahul Gandhi's speech. The lion's share of the seats arranged for the audience at the meeting were empty. While Rahul Gandhi was giving his speech, many people were seen driving tractors outside the meeting place. According to sources, tractor drivers have been buying diesel for Rs 500 for the past two days.

This is what was seen on the first day of the movement to save the lands of some Congressmen. On Sunday, Rahul Gandhi started giving speeches in Moga. Hundreds of people left the meeting and headed home. State Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh and Congress leader Nabojyot Singh Sidhu also sat and listened to the speeches. However, the main reason for this is also assumed that they were giving speeches in Punjabi. But when Rahul Gandhi started speaking, everyone left the meeting.

When the people who left the meeting were asked the reason, they said that they only came to listen to Sidhu's speech. Again, many complained that Rahul Gandhi himself reached the rally at 1 am asking us to come at 10 am. It is to be noted that most of the farmers in Punjab whom Rahul Gandhi has been addressing for two days now know only Punjabi. Many farmers say that what Rahul Gandhi is saying in Hindi is going over our heads.