Loot of rice from the ration, the allegations are being leaked to the people, alleging at the grassroots councilor


BanglaHunt Desk: A grassroots council (TMC) has been accused of moving the ration to distribute food during lockdown. The incident took place in the ward number 20 of the North Damdam municipality. The owner of the ration shop alleged that the sack ration was looted by the name of Trinamool Council, Anju Mishra. Police were attacked by Nimta Police Station after seeing the damage. And those sacks of rice were recovered.

Locals and ration shop owners demanded that Anju Mishra, councilor of ward 20 of North Dumdum Municipality, appear at the shop when the ration was delivered. Suddenly, the van took the van and brought the sack of rice to the shop and brought it to them. They did this on March 7. They did not pay any money to the shopkeeper. On the contrary, the shopkeeper was threatened while carrying the rice.

This is not the first time this type of work has taken place. Prior to this he was involved in such illegal activities. Locals alleged that a few months ago, Councilor Anju Mishra twice helped one of his close inspector Bose to raise money illegally from the municipality. The matter was reported to the police station.

When the matter was heard in the ears of Food Minister Jyotiri Malik, he too stepped in. And he asked police to investigate the matter on Monday. Police sources said that six sacks of rice, which had been looted from the councilor's house on Monday, were recovered on the basis of locals' request. Following the incident, the grassroots leaders held a meeting on Monday night. The meeting, however, can be heard talking about the matter. North Damdam Trinamool president Vidhan Biswas said, “Councilor Anju Mishra is not involved in this rice sack loot. This has been done to discredit him. '

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