Lord Krishna himself named 5 special gems to increase wealth, know the details


BanglaHunt Desk: In this world, every human being wants happiness and prosperity at the same time. However, in the Mahabharata, Krishna said something special about attaining the happiness and prosperity of this world, which, if followed, will make your family flourish in happiness and prosperity.

There are 5 special gems in this world like the words of Lord Krishna, the proper use of which brings prosperity in the world. He told these five gems to the Pandavas in the story of Mahabharata on the night of the inauguration of Yudhisthira at Indraprastha. Those 5 gems are-

Water- The name of life on the water. Meanwhile, it is said that water is a very sacred object in Indian culture. So if you give this gem to a thirsty person, prosperity will come to your life from all sides.

Ghee- Just as water is a very sacred object in Indian culture, so is the place of ghee at a very sacred height. In that case, if you light the ghee lamp in the house, happiness and prosperity enter the world.

Sandalwood According to Lord Krishna, the sandalwood tree never loses its fragrance even after eating the bite of a thousand snakes. So if you keep sandalwood in the house, positive energy comes.

Honey- If you have honey in your house, then there is no place for financial uncertainty in the house. Meanwhile, in the traditional way of life, honey is also considered as a very sacred object.

Harp Veena, Saraswati Veenabadini, the goddess of learning. The harp is a very sacred musical instrument. Keeping a harp at home removes the black cloud of uncertainty from the mind along with poverty.