‘Lord Sriram is forever a symbol of heroism and religion’, Saif bowed his head in the face of extreme condemnation, apologized


BanglaHunt Desk: Saif Ali Khan is all set to play the role of Ravana in director Om Raut's upcoming film 'Adipurush'. Recently, the actor made some comments about his character in this film. He said that the human side of Ravana will be revealed in the film. After that the tumultuous criticism started in Netdunia.

This time, Saif argued in favor of his comments in the face of extreme trolls. Earlier, he said about the character, “It is very interesting to play the role of the demon Raj Ravana. Besides, we are going to develop the human form of this character. Lakshman cut off the nose of Ravana's sister Surpanakhar. So we will justify the abduction of Sita Mar and the war with Lord Rama. ”

Saif's remarks sparked outrage on social media. BJP leader Jam Kadam wrote, ‘Director Om Raut, you made Tanaji which was a superhit all over the world because it established the pride of Hindus and Maratha heroism. But if the ancestor shows the human form of Ravana and tries to justify the abduction of Sita Mar, then we will not accept it. '

This time Saif sang in defense of his remarks. He said he did not want to hurt anyone's feelings. In his words, “In one interview, a controversy broke out over my remarks and some people were offended. I did not have such a desire. I apologize for the inconvenience. Lord Sriram has always been a symbol of heroism and religion. The progenitors will show how good wins over bad. ”