Love Jihad: Video of young woman being shot dead in broad daylight in Faridabad goes viral on social media

BanglaHunt Desk: Al Love-Jihad allegations openly again. In Faridabad, a young man shot a 21-year-old girl in broad daylight. In Bharadupura, the people walking on the road were shocked by this incident. Although she was taken to the hospital, it was not possible to save the girl. The entire scene of the shooting was captured on a CCTV camera. That video went viral on the social media screen.

Nikita Tomar, 21, was returning home from Agarwal College on Milk Plant Road in Faridabad, Haryana on Monday. Nikita was a final year student of B.Com College. According to the family, Nikita did not agree to the love proposal. Police have arrested the accused Tousif after investigating the incident.

According to the police sources, the family of the deceased girl had lodged a complaint of abduction in the name of the accused youth in 2016 once before. But the allegations were later dropped. However, new allegations have been lodged in connection with the incident.

CCTV footage obtained from the scene showed a car waiting at the scene for a long time. It is learned that Nikita went to the college to take the exam. While Nikita and another young woman were walking down the street on their way out of college, the two young men suddenly got out of the car and tried to force them into the car. But being unable to get in the car, the accused youth shot Nikita in the head from Point Black Range. In a moment Nikita fell to the ground. The accused youths immediately fled from there. This video went viral on social media.

In protest of this profit jihad, locals blocked the Faridabad-Mathura road and started protesting. The mother of the deceased demanded the death sentence of the accused youth. The Haryana government has directed the Special Investigation Team to investigate. Police have arrested the accused youth. According to the police, the house of the accused youth is in Mewat area. The two of them had an identity before.