Loving Mother: The task that you did to bring the boy who was stuck in the lockdown away


BanglaHunt Desk: There is a 25-day lockdown in the country to tackle the deadly Corona. As a result, the vehicles are completely closed. For those who are stuck in Vinraj or Vinzale, there is no other way to get back because of the lockdown. The boy is stuck 5 km away from the lockdown. By no means could you return home. Finally the mother drove her scooter for three days and brought the boy back home. The mother was rescued from Nellore in Andhra Pradesh by a scooter from Telangana. He had to drive a scooter for more than three days.

The 3-year-old brave woman named Razia Begum. He is the head teacher of a government school located in Nizamabad, about 25 km from Hyderabad. Razia lost her husband 5 years ago, the family has two sons, one passed engineering, and younger Nizamuddin, age 5, is preparing for medical examination. On March 12, he goes to Nellore's mercy to reach a friend. The lockdown begins with Nizamuddin being trapped in Nellore. Calling her mother, she said, by the way, she wants to return home. Upon hearing that, Razia decided that he would bring the boy back. His journey started on Monday morning with the permission of the police. When he returned with the boy, it was Wednesday evening.

Razia said he did not dare to send the older boy because the police thought he was out on a vacant road with a bike and could be arrested. So he took the responsibility on his shoulder. If you think about getting a car first, then you decide to go to your own two wheeler. Get out of the house with some bread. At night he was afraid, no carriage was going, no people could be seen in the dusty streets. But he did not stop. Razia departed on the morning of that morning, arriving at Nellore the next afternoon. That day began his journey towards Nizamabad, arriving early in the evening on Wednesday.

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