LSG vs GT: Gujarat snatched victory from the jaws of Lucknow in the last over, fans said – ‘The score was low but the match had power’


LSG vs GT: आखिरी ओवर में गुजरात ने लखनऊ के जबड़े से छीनी जीत, फैंस बोले-

The 30th match of IPL was played between Gujarat and Lucknow. Where Gujarat snatched victory from the jaws of Lucknow. Fans are very happy to see this performance of Titans and their reactions are being given by sharing memes.

Funny memes made on the victory of Gujarat

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The 30th match of IPL 2023 was played between Gujarat and Lucknow. If this match is seen according to the target, then it was very less. But the thrill was such that cricket fans would remember this match for a long time. Today’s match was so exciting that it was not known till the end who would win the match. First winning the toss, the Gujarat team came out to bat and scored 135 runs in 20 overs. By looking at this goal, one can understand that the contest will be one-sided. But tremendous thrill was seen in this small score.

Chasing the target, the Lucknow team appeared in tremendous form from the very beginning… Seeing them, it was not felt that they would lose. But at the end of the innings, Mohit Sharma turned the tide of the match. In the 20th over, the Lucknow team needed 12 runs in the last over, but Mohit Sharma did not allow them to score even that and snatched the victory from the jaws of the Nawabs by entering their house. #LSGvGT is trending top on Twitter. Fans are giving their respective reactions with this.

See the reactions of the fans here

Suddenly times and feelings have changed

worst performance

is this true

who really plays that way

wonder of nehra ji

The stage kept slipping like this

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