Ludhiana Assistant Police Commissioner dies after being attacked by coronas

BanglaHunt Desk: COVIED-19 has died of this deadly virus. Again, the number is not less. Anil Kohli, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Ludhiana, Punjab), died of the virus this time. He died at SPS Hospital in Ludhiana on Saturday.

The District Public Relations Office has tweeted about the death of Anil Kohli. The tweet states, “It is very sad that Ludhiana Assistant Police Commissioner Anil Kohli has died after being attacked by Covid 1. He was admitted to the SPS Hospital in Ludhiana. ” The shadow of mourning has come down at the police station in Punjab. So far in Punjab, the number of coronary cases is 212. Five people died. Already 20 people have recovered.

In India (India), the number of Kovid3 cases is increasing. According to the report to the Union Health Minister, the number of people affected by Covid-1 in India till April 6 is 6,4. Five people died. The number of active cases is 5,3. And 12 people have recovered. According to the statistics of the Union Health Ministry, nine people have been infected with coronas overnight. And overnight the death toll was 25. One hundred and twenty-two people were healed overnight.

According to the Union Health Minister, however, after starting lockdown and rapid tests across the country, the growth rate of Covid 8 in India has decreased from 2.2 percent to 8.2 percent. That is, the growth rate has decreased by 5 percent. In addition, the Covid 1 doubled rate has increased from 7 days to 6.2 days. That is, the number of doubling rates or the number of victims has doubled. Apart from this, the recovery and death rate of Corona, ie, the overcom ratio is currently 5 percent and 20 percent respectively in the country. Which is better than many countries in Europe.

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