Made in India; This bike will run 100 km for 8 rupees, you don't even need a license to drive


BanglaHunt Desk: 100 km will run at a cost of only 8 taka of electricity! Atum 1.0, a start-up company from Hyderabad, is going to bring such an electric bike at a low price. In addition, the government rules do not require a license to drive this car.

Traveling to the media in Corona situations is a matter of terrible risk. Already 25 bus workers have been affected by Corona in Kolkata Many did not report. So many such corona-infected people come in contact with the risk of infection spread to the sky. But the daily office closet has also opened, a situation that is not expected to stop the infection any time soon. At the moment private vehicles are the safest way to travel.

But just as it is not possible for ordinary people to buy a private car, two-wheelers like scooters are beyond the reach of many. On top of that, the price of petrol and diesel is constantly rising. All in all, the hands of the middle class in the situation. To cope with all this, Atum 1.0 is about to launch.

This car will run on lithium ion battery. It takes only 4 hours to fully charge the battery The company claims that it will cost only 1 unit of electricity to fully charge the battery. That is more or less 6 rupees. Once fully charged, the car will run 100 km. At the same time, as the maximum speed of the car is less than 25 km, no license is required to drive this car.

The look of the car is quite attractive. However, in many cases, the car looks incomplete. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. The price of this bike made after 3 years of effort is only 50 thousand rupees.

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