Madhubala, who had been bedridden for 9 long years, used to say, “I want to live.”


BanglaHunt Desk: Madhubala is one of the most popular and tragic heroines of Hindi movies. The end result of this actress known as Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood is very painful. At the age of 36, this extraordinary actress died prematurely. It is known that he spent the last days of his life in great pain. He was bedridden for 9 long years.

Madhubala started acting at an early age. His untimely demise is an irreparable loss to Bollywood. Ventricular septal defect or leak in the heart is the cause of death of the actress. A recent viral Twitter thread has revealed a lot of unknown facts about the last few days of Madhubala's life.

He said that Madhubala was the first to catch the heartbreak while acting in SS Bhasan's 'Chhalak'. The time was 1954, the shooting was in Madras. The actress was bleeding. The doctor advised him to rest for three months. But Madhubala continued shooting for the sake of the film.

The actress ’sister wrote,‘ During the shooting of Mughal-e-Azam, she had to walk around with obstacles in chains. At the end of the shooting, his hands and feet would turn blue. He didn't eat any food during the shoot to make his look more real in prison scenes. The feather scene of Madhubala and Vaizhan in the film is considered to be the most romantic scene in Hindi film. It was shot after their separation. '

He further wrote, ‘The amount of blood in his body increased due to his illness. Blood would come out through the nose and mouth. The doctor would come home and remove the extra blood from the body. He used to cough all the time. If he was not given oxygen every 4-5 hours, he would start having difficulty breathing. '

According to Madhubala's sister's tweet, the actress was completely unwell after lying in bed for nine years. He kept saying, he wants to live, when the medicine will come. During the last few days of the actress, her sister was suffering from smallpox. So he was not allowed to go to the actress. But as soon as he got the news of her death, he ran to see Madhubala.

The actress died at the age of 36. His sister was 19 at the time. He said that although he did not come to see Madhubala during his illness, Dilip Kumar came to see the late actress.