Madhubani is sleeping differently from her husband Raja.

Popular television actress Madhubani Goswami has given the good news of becoming a mother after several days of gossip. Just waiting for another member to join the happy family of Raja and Madhubani.

Conceiving in the corona atmosphere, the child will be born in the midst of this situation. So Madhubani is taking care of the future small members a little more. Going out is naib naib f. The actress is only going out for routine checkups. However, the king has to shoot in the middle of it. So for the time being Madhubani is keeping some distance from her husband.

After returning home from the shooting set, there are proper safety rules. Raja and Madhubani are sleeping in separate rooms at night for extra protection thinking about the future child. The actress said that she will return to the shooting set when the child is a little older.

Earlier, the actress shared a picture of Baby Bump on social media.
Madhubani was captured on camera wearing a yellow gown with open hair. Show your growing baby bump with your finger. He said in the caption, he is doing all the work. But don’t forget to eat with everything. Madhubani is taking all the necessary precautions to keep the child healthy.

Earlier, Madhubani was captured on camera wearing a pink floral gown and smiling. He put one hand on the baby bump. He wrote in the caption with a sweet call for the future child of Adar, ‘Puchu .. Joy Ma .. Thank you very much. There is no end to my thanks for the blessings. '