Madhuri Dixit was seen in a Mercedes car worth Rs 2 crore, the features are amazing


2 करोड़ रुपये की मर्सिडीज कार में नजर आईं माधुरी दीक्षित, फीचर्स हैं एकदम कमाल

Madhuri Dixit has many luxury cars. Mercedes Maybach S500 is also one of them. Lots of great features and powerful engine are available in this car.

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Madhuri Dixit Has a wonderful collection of luxury. The actress has recently bought a Porsche car. Now he has been seen with Mercedes sedan in Mumbai. Although this car Madhuri already has Mercedes Maybach S500. The price of this car is also very high.

Madhuri Dixit and her Mercedes-Video of Benz car has been posted on YouTube. In this, the blue Maybach S500 of the actress sedan can be viewed. It is an old generation car and its sale is now closed. Both Madhuri and her husband have been spotted several times with this car.

How much is the cost of Madhuri’s car

When the Mercedes Maybach S500 was available for sale, its ex-showroom price was Rs. 1.86 crores. That is, it must have been bought by spending more than 2 crores. Come let’s know what are the amazing things in this expensive car.

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Features of Mercedes Maybach S500

The front seats in this car are quite comfortable. It has premium leather seats, which can be adjusted electrically. Apart from this, the car gets ambient lighting, panoramic sunroof, electric window shade, infotainment screen for the rear passengers, speakers with great audio quality.

Mercedes Maybach S500 Engine

To give power to the car, a 4663 cc V8, turbocharged petrol engine has been given. This engine produces 453 bhp power and 700 Nm torque. A 9-speed automatic gearbox has been given with it.

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Madhuri has many luxurious cars

Talking about Madhuri’s car collection, she has luxury cars like Toyota Innova Crysta, Ferrari 296 GTB, Porsche 992 and Porsche 911. Apart from this, her husband Shriram Madhav Nene has also been seen driving Tata Nexon EV, Audi E-tron and Tesla cars.

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