Mahabir Jayanti: renouncing luxury and practicing celibacy, showed the path to salvation


BanglaHunt Desk: Mahabir was born 5 years ago on the thirteenth day of the month of Chaitra in the month of Chaitra. He was born in the Lichivi dynasty. He was born to bring human society from darkness to light. Mahabir's husband tried to guide the people of the world by his education. In this context he elaborated on the five Mahabharatas, the five abstracts, the five associations and the six essential rules. This practice has now become the mainstay of Jainism. According to the Puranas the truth, non-violence, faith, brahmacharita and beggar are called together by the five pillars.

According to Lord Mahavira, this is indeed the most powerful thing in the world. So in any case, people should speak the truth. In addition to this, he gave the message of love to others like himself.

According to mythology, one day Mahabir's husband was doing penance in a forest. Some shepherds in the forest took them to feed the cows and the goats. The shepherds knew nothing about penance. The shepherds mocked when they saw Mahavi's husband sitting in a state of penance. But Swamiji did not pay any attention to the shepherds. Because he was busy meditating. As soon as the news reached the neighboring village, a large number of people came to Swamiji's place. When Mahabi's God opened his eyes after breaking his meditation, the people in his house apologized for the boys. But Mahabir Swamiji freed them in one word without punishing them in any form.

From the morning of Mahabi's birth anniversary, his followers started celebrating Mahabi festival. Morning ferries are held in different places. Large processions marched with couch vegetables. Mahavira's husband was anointed with gold and silver calluses. Then the flag of the temple is hoisted on top of the temple. In this way, the program was organized in the religious places of Jainism throughout the day with the help of Mahabir Bhagwan. Thus, the anniversary of Mahabi was celebrated on April 8, ie yesterday of every year. But in this lockdown market, though not celebrated in this manner, people celebrated Mahabi in their homes.

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