Maharashtra NCP leader Sanjay Sinde burnt alive inside car, shadow of mourning in political arena

Bangla Hunt Desk: Maharashtra witnessed a tragic accident. A fire broke out near Baswan Toll Plaza in Pimpalgaon on the Mumbai-Agra highway. It was later learned that NCP leader Sanjay Shinde was in the burnt car.

Terrible accident happened

According to local sources, the car caught fire due to a short circuit near Pimpalgaon Basant Toll Plaza in Nasik. Sanjay Shinde was in the business of exporting grapes abroad. He was also going to Pimpalgaon to buy pesticides for his vineyard. The horrific accident happened near an over bridge near the Kavada river.

The locals came forward to help

People in the vicinity are running from the burning car. They tried hard to save Sanjay Shinde from the car. But since the car is locked from the inside, even after many attempts, the end is not saved. When the fire brigade arrived, the fire was brought under control and the body was identified from inside the vehicle. Although he did not understand at first, it was later learned that NCP leader Sanjay Shinde was inside the car.

The shadow of mourning in the political arena

The idea is that the sparks of fire start in the car from the short circuit. Since Sanjay Shinde's car has a hand sanitizer, the fire spread from it to a more horrible shape. He can't open the car lock even after trying a lot. However, even if the window is broken, it is too late. The untimely tragic death of NCP leader Sanjay Sind has cast a shadow of mourning over the political arena.