Mahatma Gandhi’s great-granddaughter sentenced to seven years in Africa for financial fraud

Bangla Hunt Desk: Mahatma Gandhi was one of the embodiments of India’s independence movement and honesty. This time the Gandhi family was also involved in the fraud case. Ashish Lata Ram Gobind, daughter of Gandhiji’s granddaughter in South Africa, was sentenced by a Durban court to seven years in prison in a fraud case. Lata Ramgobin was the daughter of women’s rights activist Ila Gandhi and Mewa Gobin.

In 2015, he was accused of defrauding businessman SR Maharaj of about Rs 72 lakh. Then the case started in the court. Lata has been on bail so far with a fine of about 50,000 rand (South African taka). However, the Durban Criminal Court on Monday sentenced him to life in prison.

Earlier, the NPA had informed the Maharaja that linen had been sent in three boxes from India. He also made fake documents and invoices for this. There were allegations against him, for which he made fake documents of customs tax and took about Rs. 72 lakhs from the Maharaja.

SR Maharaj’s company New African Alliance Footwear Distributor sells clothes linen and shoes. In 2015, Latar had a talk with director SR Maharaj. Lata told SR Maharaj that linen has been imported in three boxes from India for the South African Hospital Netcare Group. He even showed fake receipts of payments made on behalf of Netcare Group. And because of this, Lata seized Rs 72 lakh as duty.

The 58-year-old woman was eventually sentenced to life in prison. NPA spokeswoman Natasha Cara said: “Her financial situation was not going well. On the other hand, he needed money to pay import duty and customs tax to take the goods to the port. ” That is why he asked the Maharaja for around Rs. 72 lakhs and went to make him believe the matter and submitted fake documents. After considering Lata’s family and looking at the documents, the Maharaja also agreed to give her a loan. And because of that he got 72 lakh rupees.