Mahesh-Alia's 'Sarak 2' trailer is at number three in terms of most dislikes, got more than 1 crore dislikes!


BanglaHunt Desk: Mahesh Bhatt (mahesh bhatt) Alia Bhatt (alia bhatt) ‘Sadak 2’ trailer (sadak 2) trailer came third in the list of the most disliked videos on youtube. Road 2 holds the record for most disliked trailers. On 15th August, the number of dislikes in road 2 trailers crossed one crore.
Road 2 Trailer is in the third place in the list of the most disliked videos on YouTube at the moment. In the first place is YouTube Rewind 2018: Every One Controls Rewind. Singer Justin Bieber's 'Baby' is at number two before Road 2. However, in terms of the percentage of dislikes, Road 2 has already reached the top. 94.62 percent disliked this video.

As soon as the trailer of Sarak 2 was released on 12 August, there was a call on social media to boycott Alia and Mahesh Bhatt's pictures. That's when the turn to dislike the trailer begins. So far, the number of likes in the trailer is 5 lakh 72 thousand and the dislikes are more than 1 crore. #BoycottBollywoodFilms is running on social media.
Incidentally, before the release of the trailer, the netizens called for 'dislike'. Netizen's eloquence, Alia and Siddharth Roy Kapoor are both evil in nepotism. So they will not see this picture. Sushant will get justice in this.
Earlier, Sushant's brother-in-law Alia Bhatt's Road 2 gave a 96 percent neoplastic rating to the huge masterpiece 'Nepometer' website. The leaders of the Napometer website said that they came to this conclusion after considering 5 issues. Production, direction, lead actor, co-actor, screenwriter.
As seen, this picture is made entirely on the support of relatives. Alia, the daughter of screenwriter and director Mahesh Bhatt, and Pooja, the actress of the film. Actor Aditya Roy Kapoor is the brother of producer Siddharth Roy Kapoor. Soni Rajdan, wife of Sanjay Dutt and Mahesh Bhatt, is also in the picture. Mahesh Bhatt's grandfather Mukesh Bhatt is in charge of producing the film.