Mahesh Bhatt and Riya's father planned and killed Sushant! Explosive actor Jim Partner


BanglaHunt Desk: Sunil Shukla, the gym partner of Sushant Singh Rajput, has made explosive allegations against Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea Chakraborty's father Indrajith Chakraborty. Mahesh Bhatt and Riya's father are behind Sushant's death. The two of them planned and killed Sushant. Sunil Shukla made such an allegation.

In his words, “Riya's own father and his sugar daddy Mahesh Bhatt killed Sushant.” Sunil further complained that Riya used to give medicine to the actor on the instructions of his father. Rear father used to procure those strict doses of antibiotics. Even when Riya left Sushant's flat on June 7, Sunil claimed that no one in the flat would give her medicine in her absence.

He said Sushant was never exhausted. Even he only took multivitamin medications. Earlier, Sushant and a friend of Riya also brought the same allegation against Riya. The friend claimed that Riya consulted her father and gave him medicine as the actor was ill. He said the dosage of those antibiotics was too high.

He further said that Sushant had a viral illness. He was often seen coughing. He claimed that the medicine given in the rear did not work. However, he was shocked to hear that Sushant had committed suicide.

The friend of Riya said that Riya also put supernatural things in Sushant's head. He said that there was a heated argument between Sushant and Riya as he first questioned Riya's faith in this regard. According to the friend, Sushant and his employees claimed that there was a strange factory in the flat where Riya and Sushant used to live. But he never felt anything like that, said the friend in the rear.