Mahesh Bhatt's allegation of stealing songs against Sarak 2 this time, the allegation of Pak artist on Twitter


Banglahant Desk: Mahesh Bhatt's film 'Sarak 2' (sadak 2). This time the film was accused of stealing songs. Pak musician and music producer has alleged that Mahesh Bhatt stole the song 'Ishq Kamal' used in the film.
Pakistani musician Shezan Salim claims that he composed this song 11 years ago. His song 'Rabba Ho' was released in 2011. When he heard the song Ishq Kamal in the trailer of Sarak 2, at first he thought that the melody was probably the same. But after listening to the whole song, he understands that it is all one.

He even posted a video on Twitter showing the strange similarities between the two songs.
Earlier, Mahesh Bhatt's daughter Pooja Bhatt said that the song was composed by Ishaq Kamal, a music teacher from Chandigarh. As soon as he heard Mahesh Bhatt, he took the song from his picture.

Incidentally, Mahesh Bhatt's daughter Pooja Bhatt is really angry seeing the misery of the trailer of Road 2. So far, this trailer has set a record of maximum dislikes with 6 lakh dislikes. And Pooja Bhatt got angry because of him.
Pooja recently tweeted on her Twitter handle. He wrote, ‘Hate, controversy, slander, lies, boycott, escape, unfriend, trend, exaggeration? Why not? All you have to do is keep pace with the hot bots. 'Seeing this tweet, netizens think that Pooja is angry after seeing the reaction of people towards the Road 2 trailer.
On the other hand, it has been heard that the record of most dislikes in the trailer of Mahesh Bhatt directed film 'Sarak 2' and the movie 'Gunjan Saxena: Dadhya Kargil Girl' produced by Karan Johar on IMDb can only be investigated by Mumbai Police this time. It is learned that the OTT platform for broadcasting the two films has consulted with the filmmakers in this regard.
The trailer of the movie 'Sarak 2' directed by Mahesh Bhatt was released on Wednesday. The number of dislikes increases with the release. According to cyber experts, this can also be done through ‘bots’. Because even if a person likes or dislikes the trailer without watching it, he will have a record on YouTube. Mumbai Police is now looking into how many more people are involved in this fake like dislike case.