Mahesh Kanya Pooja Bhatt makes big decision to survive, equal threats of murder and rape on social media


Banglahant Desk: Since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, netizens have been targeting the entire Bhatt family including Mahesh Bhatt, Pooja Bhatt and Alia Bhatt. There are a lot of trolls on social media, with Alia, Pooja and Shaheen constantly receiving threats of murder and rape.

This time Pooja Bhat was vocal against that threat. Finally made a big decision. To avoid the constant threat of murder and rape, Pooja has made her Instagram account private. He also said that if any fan wants to follow him, he should send a request.

Sharing a picture, the actress wrote, “I have no patience or desire to keep anger in the minds of haters.” I love to be around people. 'He added,' Threats of murder, rape, incitement, and violence have become very common on social media. When replying on Instagram, most of the time the answer is that these are not outside their guidelines or are advised to block. '

“Most of the messages that come with advice to kill oneself, to commit suicide, are sent by girls or girls' account holders,” Pooja wrote in a more cannon fire against Instagram. This cannot be understood on Instagram. This time Instagram should understand that cyber bullying is a crime. '

Incidentally, Shahin Bhatt had earlier also threatened to rape and kill Alia. Even their mother Soni Rajdan was seen to be vocal. Alia has closed her comment section. Puja said that many people advised him to do the same. But he could not hear the good words.