Mahira Khan, who suffered from corona, said that her condition was serious


BanglaHunt Desk: Popular Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, the heroine of Shah Rukh Khan's 'Royce' movie, has contracted the corona virus this time. Mahira herself revealed this on social media. Mahira has quarantined herself.

“My cowardly report is positive,” Mahira wrote on her Instagram handle. I am in isolation and have also informed those who have come in contact with me in the last few days. The timing has been a bit tough but all will be well soon. For the protection of yourself and others, please wear a mask and follow all the rules. '

Mahira Khan is one of the most popular actresses in Pakistan. However, she was seen in the Bollywood film 'Royce' as the heroine of Shah Rukh Khan. Rice was released in 2016. However, this film did not get much response at the box office.

Then once again Mahira Khan came up in the news headlines. Mahira was caught smoking on the streets of New York with Ranbir Kapoor. The picture spread on social media in a matter of moments. The photo of Ranbir and Mahira together went viral. He had to face strong criticism even in Pakistan.

Once again, Mahira Khan was seen opening her mouth about the repeal of Article 370 in Kashmir. He said the people of Kashmir would be harmed by India's move. After that, Mahira had to face severe criticism in Netdunia. The people of Netpara reminded the actress that she should not sniff at the internal affairs of India.