Make this special side of the house in Bastum your temple, your family will be blessed by God


BanglaHunt Desk: It cannot be that there is no thakur ghor in the house of devout Bengalis. Having a temple means that there is happiness and peace everywhere in that house. The Bengalis probably decorate their own temple in the most beautiful way. But sometimes human devotion opposes the environment. In other words, people build temples without noticing certain things. That is why even after worshiping every day with devotion, it has a bad effect on people's lives. God's grace cannot be obtained.

So there are a number of things to keep in mind when it comes to homegrown temples. Let's find out what you can do to get God's grace.

Place the idols of Thakur on the throne with a little space. At least 1 inch should be left blank.

The door of the temple should always be kept open during the day.

God should always be worshiped with incense as well as enjoyment.

It is not advisable to build a temple next to the toilet.

According to ecology, the temple should be on the north-east side.

There should not be too many idols or pictures in the temple. If that’s not possible, never face pictures or statues. If you can, put some space in the middle of the pictures.

If there is a sleeping arrangement in the temple, then you should not sleep with your feet on it.

Ancestors should never be kept in the temple.

Instead of the Rudra form of God, the image of Darbada majestic form should be kept in the temple.