Malaysia seeks refuge in India for drugs


BanglaHunt Desk: The light of dying friendship shines again in India-Malaysia. Hydroxychloroquine Chile Malaysia for Corona resistance to improve relations with India. At present, this drug is very important to cure corona. So, like many other countries, the hydroxychloroquine chile Malaysia from India has been forgotten this time.

Malaysia supported Pakistan against UNSC against India in lifting Article 5 from Kashmir. Since then, India has stopped importing palm oil from Malaysia. Resulting in a breakdown between the two countries. But currently hydroxychloroquine is involved in the breakdown. At present, the drug temporarily keeps the patients suffering from the Corona virus. Therefore, the US first demanded this drug to India. Although India initially banned the export of the drug, it later rescinded the ban and exported the drug to other vulnerable countries, including the United States.

Considering the benefits of this drug, Malaysia sought more than 100,000 hydroxychloroquine tablets from India. But in this situation, India has agreed to send small quantities of drugs without the huge quantities of drugs. Therefore, on April 4, the Indian government exported 1.5 hydroxychloroquine tablets to Malaysia. With life-long drugs, a bit of a friendship relationship is about to end in India – Malaysia.

The corona virus is spreading all over the world. There are still more than 20 million people in the world. And more than 4,000 people have already lost their lives. The disease is also spreading in Malaysia. The number of victims has exceeded 3,000 and the dead are about 12. The malaria virus is slowly spreading itself throughout the world.

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