Malaysia seizes PIA plane for non-payment of arrears Extreme insult to Pakistan at the international level

Bengali Hunt Desk: Their friend Malaysia gave a big shock to Pakistan. A Malaysian official seized a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing-8 aircraft at Kuala Lumpur airport on Friday. The Pakistani plane was seized following a local court order. The airline said it would take the matter forward through a diplomatic message.

Incidentally, PIA leased two aircraft, including a Boeing-8, from a Vietnamese company in 2015. A PIA statement said, “A local court in Malaysia has seized a PIA plane. It's a one-sided decision between the PIA and the other side in a British court case. “

However, the PIA did not say whether their plane had been confiscated or whether it was in court. The airline said in a statement that such an act was “undeniable” and that it had sought the support of the Pakistani government to take the matter forward diplomatically.

At the international level, Pakistan is being humiliated to the extent that this time Malaysia has confiscated all the passengers from their planes. Although alternative arrangements have been made for the passengers of the aircraft. The seized plane flew from Karachi to Malaysia. According to information received, a 16-member crew member was stranded in Kuala Lumpur due to the seizure of the aircraft. According to the protocol, they will be quarantined for 14 days.